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Energy Healers

Discussion about energy healing and related things

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Discussion of Energy Healing and Other Alternative Healing

Welcome to Energy Healers, a community devoted to those who practice or are interested in energy healing of any kind. Be it reiki, quantum touch, or your own brand of healing, all discussions, questions, news articles, pictures and anything else you can think of related to healing are welcome here. We also welcome discussion about other alternative healing methods, including crystal healing and acupuncture/pressure, and what can be deemed "life helps" such as oracle and tarot card readings, pendulums, meditation, etc.


This is not a strict community. As long as posts are related to what was outlined above, they are appropriate. For now, this community does allow promoting other communities, so long as they are of related content. This community does also allow, for the time being, posts regarding the sale or trade of related articles (e.g. pendulums, books, crystals). This may change at any time, however, and I reserve my right as moderator to delete any posts I feel do not follow the general theme of this community.


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