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Energy Healers
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Party in the Ethers Tonight, and You're Invited 
3rd-Feb-2015 01:21 pm
Blue Ridge Reiki Center
Alas, my attempts to revive this community a while back did not work. Like so many others, I decided to break up with livejournal. But I've missed it too much, and the social-without-really-connecting aspects of places like facebook and twitter just aren't doing it for me. So I'm back, and hoping to make some good, meaningful connections again.

I've been doing my own solitary practice for a while, but I miss sharing with other energy workers. I'm contemplating trying to set up a new reiki school, and I'd love other professional practitioners to learn from and talk with. I'm also really involved with shamanism but haven't been practicing much lately. I need to reconnect in Spirit as well as socially.

Tonight is the full moon! It's been a long time since I've held ceremony, so I plan to do a spiritual recommitment and some releasing/healing work tonight. If anyone wants to meet me in sacred space and share experiences, please do so!
19th-Mar-2015 04:05 am (UTC) - Oh no! Why cant I find any communities?!
Oh Dear! I have just returned to LJ for the reasons you have described above, and I was hoping that perhaps as it was still 'around' that it had picked up a bit. But I am still struggling to find any communities (that are still active) and even users, its a bit stumble upon and somewhat off putting (eg- breaking up with it and Ive only just started dating it again!)
its so important that the light/dark workers find each other in the coming time...
Sigh...so annoying, how can we build it
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