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25th-Jan-2014 05:36 pm
Achaiah BW
I have recently joined a reiki group on facebook, and I am astounded by the level of drama and in-fighting allowed to run rampant in that group. I know we are all human, but the level of vitriol is quite amazing! I had been looking for a safe, sacred space to connect with other reiki practitioners & light-workers.

With that in mind, and since this community is still limping, I would like to invite anyone to share reiki/energy work/spiritual resources that have supported you and provided you with quality energetic experiences. Do you have a group or email list that has really fed you spiritually? Please share!

For my part, I really enjoy the ceremonies and feedback offered on the Medicine Reiki yahoo group. I also, though I haven't been an active member for several years, really appreciate that the SDD Lightworkers group is a collective of reiki practitioners and RMs who are willing to attune members to different reiki traditions that they wish to explore.

I also always get a lot out of the Daily Word.

And, not necessarily energy work-related but definitely related to my goals to return to my spiritual center, I will be embarking on a 'Year of Poetry' journey beginning tomorrow. I invite anyone who might be interested to check out my new yearofpoetry community.

Which places online help feed your spiritual needs? Please share!
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26th-Jan-2014 06:13 pm (UTC)
Reiki is Universal energy that is available to be channelled by all who have been attuned to it, but there are many different traditions/modalities/ways of teaching. Most common, at least here in the US, is probably the Traditional/Usui Reiki, but even then, different students were taught different things by Hawayo Takata. I have heard people in Japan say that it is taught differently there than what Takata brought to the US.

For instance, I am attuned to both Medicine Reiki (which is where my heart lies) and Violet Flame Reiki. My RM created the Medicine Reiki tradition after living for the Cree for 20 years, and he felt that the Cree Medicine wisdom he learned worked very well with the Usui Reiki he had been attuned to before. Medicine Reiki attunements are slightly different from Usui attunements. We receive symbols in both hands, and I have heard/read that some Usui RMs only place the symbols in the dominant hand. And since Medicine Reiki is very communal, we do not use the Raku in passing attunements. We also utilize Medicine Hoops, which are reiki hoops that stay with the person for an extended time and continue to release reiki as needed. Medicine Reiki is also more earth-based, and we often do a lot of work with totem spirits, the five directions (including 'inner'), etc. Violet Flame Reiki has a strong connection with Quan Yin and uses a great many more symbols than traditional reiki. I personally also felt a strong urge to learn about and utilize stone/crystal work when I was studying VFR.

There are many other traditions, but those are the ones that I have first-hand knowledge of. Yes, the energy is the same, but the 'flavor' and teaching methods sometimes differ. I feel that people will be drawn to the tradition/teacher that is right for them at that moment in their path.
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30th-Jan-2014 02:46 pm (UTC)
My right hand is tingling reading this! :)

I don't participate online, only to receive William Rand's newsletter once a month. I also subscribe to the physical magazine that he puts out from Hawaii.

I am attuned to Usui (Level 2), but might check out Violet Flame, since I am also drawn to Quan Yin.
31st-Jan-2014 03:59 am (UTC)
I'm so glad to hear that this resonated for you! I hope Violet Flame Reiki does, and that you can find a RM to attune you. I had a deep connection with Quan Yin at that time as well. I really appreciated the deep feelings of compassion and the transmuting properties of the Violet Flame, but ultimately I just didn't care for the large amounts of symbols. I was comfortable enough with energy work and recognizing different energies that I really didn't feel the need to memorize or utilize them other than some experimental stuff. That was just me personally. I still enjoy working with Quan Yin, and I think perhaps it's time to start using the violet flame a bit more. :)

Do you mean Reiki News Magazine, or is there another that I'm unfamiliar with? I've wanted a subscription to Reiki News Magazine for some time and haven't "splurged" on that for myself, but I plan to with my check next month. I'd love to know of other good reiki mags if there are any. Thanks!
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