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Energy Healers
Discussion about energy healing and related things
Mod Note/Intro Post 
19th-Dec-2012 12:41 pm
Hello, friends!

I was made a moderator back in August, I think it was, but then directly after, my computer broke and I dropped the internet for a bit until I got a new one. Then I was majorly distracted with National Novel Writing Month in November. I apologize for dropping off of LJ like that! But I am back, hopefully for good, and eager to breathe some more life back into both this community and my own personal practice.

If you all are willing, I'd love to have an intro post and just kind of tell a bit about ourselves and what you hope to get out of this community.

I'm ahavah, a 30-something home/unschooling mom of three girls. I'm a birth doula, a writer, and a Medicine Reiki Master. I also had a Violet Flame Reiki attunement many years ago, but I'd say mine is mostly a Medicine Reiki practice. I also got into shamanic work after my master attunement. I've taken some EFT and dousing classes in the past, and I've pretty much played around with energy for as long as I can remember.

I have a budding little homestead in SE Missouri, USA. We moved here three years ago, and we're (very) slowly trying to work our way towards self-sufficiency. We have dogs, cats, chickens, and a few goats so far. I'm also a bit of a deadhead, and we named our little farm The Grateful Stead. I'm an off-and-on again flybaby (currently on-again), and I also try to tackle mission101 on a fairly steady basis. I have a farm 101 list that will be up in April, but I hope to start a new list focusing on myself for the new year. I think resuming my energy & spiritual practices will feature heavily in my new list.

I had my own reiki school for a short while, which I called the Blue Ridge Reiki Center. I had only held a few classes when personal tragedy stuck and my mom was killed by a truck driver. There was a legal to-do for a while, and then I moved away to start fresh half way across the country. I also found myself feeling very 'blocked' for a very long while. That's changed in the last year or so, and this past year has been spent working on a lot of personal healing. I think it's finally been fairly successful. I had a local friend request a reiki session recently, and that was my first official client both here in my new home state and since the accident. I've done some volunteer distance work for friends, but it was refreshing to have a paying client again, or even just someone in the area who knows what reiki is. I've missed my practice.

So that's me, and picking up where I left off about five years ago is my goal for this upcoming year. While my interest is mostly reiki and shamanism, and particularly reiki & ritual with children (and animals), I'm always open to learning about and discussing new modalities. As far as what I hope from this community, I'd really just like to connect with other healers again. It would be awesome if I made some new friends & cheerleaders, but I think just being mindful will be a big help.

As far as where I stand as a mod, I just ask that everyone be respectful of others. I'm not much pickier than that. Spam will be deleted as soon as I notice it, but if anyone wants to discuss their personal business or journal, I don't have any problem with that as long as it doesn't get extremely spammy.

20th-Dec-2012 02:47 am (UTC)
It seems that most entries on this community are intro post. I think it could be interesting to try something new. We could make a 'Distant Energy Healing' to everyone interested.

To make it more clear, you could make a post, and ask the members to leave a comment if they are interested to send and receive a distant energy of love/healing/prosperity/etc. to everyone that participates. So, the participants would simply send good energy to the other users that left a comment by focusing on their username. (all username are unique, so the energy will go that the owner of the accout, so no need to share full names) So, everyone should send/receive some energy for some great collective distant energy healing for the new year. What do you think ?

I guess it would be best to make a post, and maybe choose a specific day or week in the future to do it. Just to be sure that people won't wonder what is happening if they receive energy on a random day... lol
21st-Dec-2012 02:42 pm (UTC)
I'd love to do distance healing posts! Maybe weekly? I'd like to see a lot more discussion here too, but it looks like maybe we don't have a whole lot of active members anymore.
21st-Dec-2012 04:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, a lot of people left LiveJournal after all the recent changes on the site, but it could also be that people are busy at this time of the year, near the Holidays.

But I think it could be fun to do regular distance healing sessions even if there are only a few members that participates.
21st-Dec-2012 04:48 pm (UTC)
I'm working on one now!
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