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Energy Healers
Discussion about energy healing and related things
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Blue Ridge Reiki Center
Alas, my attempts to revive this community a while back did not work. Like so many others, I decided to break up with livejournal. But I've missed it too much, and the social-without-really-connecting aspects of places like facebook and twitter just aren't doing it for me. So I'm back, and hoping to make some good, meaningful connections again.

I've been doing my own solitary practice for a while, but I miss sharing with other energy workers. I'm contemplating trying to set up a new reiki school, and I'd love other professional practitioners to learn from and talk with. I'm also really involved with shamanism but haven't been practicing much lately. I need to reconnect in Spirit as well as socially.

Tonight is the full moon! It's been a long time since I've held ceremony, so I plan to do a spiritual recommitment and some releasing/healing work tonight. If anyone wants to meet me in sacred space and share experiences, please do so!
25th-Jan-2014 05:36 pm - Resource Post
Achaiah BW
I have recently joined a reiki group on facebook, and I am astounded by the level of drama and in-fighting allowed to run rampant in that group. I know we are all human, but the level of vitriol is quite amazing! I had been looking for a safe, sacred space to connect with other reiki practitioners & light-workers.

With that in mind, and since this community is still limping, I would like to invite anyone to share reiki/energy work/spiritual resources that have supported you and provided you with quality energetic experiences. Do you have a group or email list that has really fed you spiritually? Please share!

For my part, I really enjoy the ceremonies and feedback offered on the Medicine Reiki yahoo group. I also, though I haven't been an active member for several years, really appreciate that the SDD Lightworkers group is a collective of reiki practitioners and RMs who are willing to attune members to different reiki traditions that they wish to explore.

I also always get a lot out of the Daily Word.

And, not necessarily energy work-related but definitely related to my goals to return to my spiritual center, I will be embarking on a 'Year of Poetry' journey beginning tomorrow. I invite anyone who might be interested to check out my new yearofpoetry community.

Which places online help feed your spiritual needs? Please share!
25th-Jan-2014 05:20 pm - Ceremony Tomorrow
Achaiah BW
Hello, friends & light-workers!

Tomorrow is an important day for me. It is the deathiversary of my beloved doggy-soulmate, Achaiah. I have felt her presence very strongly all week, and I have an important ceremony planned for tomorrow.

If you would like to receive distance healing or would like a shamanic journey on your behalf, please let me know! Or you can simply open to the healing energy, as I will send it with the intent to reach any who wish to receive healing.
17th-Jan-2014 08:23 am - *Dusts off Community*
Achaiah BW
Hello, friends! Wow, looks like NO posts were made in 2013. I have been remiss in my mod duties, but I am doing my best to change that. I would like to see a lot more activity here!

How do we bring this place back to life? What would you like to see?

I want to get going with the distance healing posts someone suggested. I'm not sure why I dropped the ball on that, but I apologize! If anyone else wants to post a weekly post if I miss it, please feel free.

Here are just some brainstormy ideas I've had. Please let me know if you like any of these ideas! If you have any to add, I will update this post to include them. Hopefully we can get a good dialogue going.

* Daily self-healing (maybe rounds of 30 or 90 days?) - encourage each other to stick with it and discuss results/insights/etc.

* Book club - I really love this idea, although my local libraries are a bit wanting, so I'd likely need enough advance planning time that I could get the money together & order the books (if I don't already own them).

* Goal posts? - Maybe monthly goal posts to support each other as we work towards our individual healing/spiritual goals

* Education posts - I primarily practice Medicine Reiki and shamanism, and I'm happy to do a write-up on those if anyone is interested. I'd love to learn more about other traditions and modalities if other people want to do a write-up and get some dialogue going on those.

* Personal practice - While I'm sure many people prefer to keep their personal spiritual experiences private, I really learn a lot from seeing how others do things. I'm happy to share my own experiences, but I hesitate to 'spam' the community with such if members would rather I keep such posts to my own personal journal.

* A daily devotional/motivational quote/link to some resource?

* Weekly or Monthly Off-Topic posts - A place for members to share non-energy-related websites, projects, pictures, discussion.

What do you think?
21st-Dec-2012 10:55 am - Yule/Solstice Healing Post
Family: Christy
Happy & Blessed Yule to those who celebrate! While I'm Christian and observe Christmas, I also like to hold ceremony on the solstice. I have a special healing ceremony planned for this evening. Tomorrow would have been my mom's birthday, so I hope to continue to work on some of my own healing – and also really celebrate.

alexia_drake suggested having regular distance healing posts in my last post. I'll try to remember to post one weekly, if I can. Feel free to do so if it looks like I forget!

If you have someone you would like to hold in the light for whatever reason, let us know here. I always send reiki with the caveat that it go to Gaia or someone who needs it if the recipient would rather not have it, so I personally have no problem doing a healing/prayer list for others.

I'd love it if anyone is willing to send some energy to me & my family! Especially for my mom, Christy (as seen in the icon; may she rest in peace), and my two sisters. Thank you! Please be sure to check the comments for more healing requests.

Happy holidays! Enjoy the longest night, and may the sun shine brightly upon the next year. ♥
19th-Dec-2012 12:41 pm - Mod Note/Intro Post
Hello, friends!

I was made a moderator back in August, I think it was, but then directly after, my computer broke and I dropped the internet for a bit until I got a new one. Then I was majorly distracted with National Novel Writing Month in November. I apologize for dropping off of LJ like that! But I am back, hopefully for good, and eager to breathe some more life back into both this community and my own personal practice.

If you all are willing, I'd love to have an intro post and just kind of tell a bit about ourselves and what you hope to get out of this community.

About meCollapse )

As far as where I stand as a mod, I just ask that everyone be respectful of others. I'm not much pickier than that. Spam will be deleted as soon as I notice it, but if anyone wants to discuss their personal business or journal, I don't have any problem with that as long as it doesn't get extremely spammy.

31st-Oct-2012 08:00 pm - New
Hay There,
I see this place is pretty much dead, which is a shame. I really wanted to say hi though. Maybe this place will pick up again one day when it needs too. Totally looking for friends of like minded folks.
7th-Aug-2012 12:50 pm - MOD NOTE
ocean lover
Hey guys,

Your pretty much non-existent mod here.


For personal reasons, I have no desire to continue with it.

If no one steps forward, I'll be deleting this community within the week.

Thanks, and sorry.
reiki healing
There are two schools of thought about Reiki symbols. The first says that Reiki symbols are sacred and not to be shared with those who are not initiated into Reiki. It is thought the Reiki symbols will not work, and will be diluted if they are shared with someone who has no knowledge of how to use them. The second school of thought is sharing the Reiki symbols with everyone is really what the energy of Reiki is all about – UNIVERSAL life force. And thus, it should be available to all to share. Seems there is no right or wrong here, just which school of thought you subscribe to, or what your Reiki training has been.

There are still some old Reiki masters who will tell you right off the bat that the Reiki symbols are not to be shared with just anyone, as it takes away from the power of them. There may be sense in this argument if you stop to think about the Reiki symbols themselves. They don't mean anything to someone who has no idea what they are or what they can achieve with them. On the other hand, there are so many self-help books on the subject of Reiki and using the Reiki symbols that you might think you can learn how to do Reiki through using a book and teaching yourself.

If the books dealing with Reiki symbols are to be believed, you should not only be able to learn the symbols, but attune yourself and become whatever level of practitioner you wish. While this sounds simple, there really is a whole lot more to it than just reading a book. Particularly when you get more advanced in levels.

Without getting into too much about the symbols, as in drawing them, we can certainly tell you the names of the symbols used for the lower levels of Reiki energy channeling. If you are just starting, the first level of Reiki requires no symbols to work. It does however need an attunement from the Reiki master who is training you. Level 2 symbols need to be given to you by the Reiki master along with an attunement to the second level. Self-help books indicate you can do attunements yourself. That is still a highly controversial level and a word of caution here. Do energy work with respect and caution.

But, back to the Level 2 symbols. There are three of them – the Power symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol and the Distance Symbol. The Power symbol means "by Imperial decree, put all the power of the universe here". The Mental/Emotional Symbol means "God and humanity become one, to create a new habit". The Distance Symbol means "May the Buddha (enlightened one) in me connect with the Buddha in you to promote peace and dignity."
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